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We manufacture a large variety of cosmetics, skin care, hair care and toiletry products for private label.

We are committed to provide the highest quality products and services, offering the maximum assistance to each customer while maintaining competitive pricing.

We are a private label cosmetics manufacturer specializing in a full range of services from total new product development to manufacturing existing formulas of different types of cosmetic and toiletries products to a broad spectrum of customers from international giants to newly formed businesses for private label.

Our laboratories are built for a reputation to being the most prestigious and innovative private label manufacturer in the business.

We could take credit for many of today's beautiful faces, but we never kiss & tell.
The Company
S.A. BRAND EXPERT, INC. (Brand Expert) have developed and integrated all services you need to make your future products available under your brand name. We are an innovative company constantly searching for new ideas.

We have established, through the years an insightful and unique formulas, what many consider the best products.

High on the list of what is most important to our customer is Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Your reputation is one the line when your product is purchase just as our reputation is when we manufacture a product for you.

Our personnel strive everyday to provide products and the broad range of services necessary to satisfy your requirements of quality control and quality assurance.

We assigned a task force of technical and managements specialist to each projects.

Innovative chemists and technicians staff Brand Expert fully equipped Research and Development Laboratory.

Our management team has compiled a wealth of experience in all facets of our business: research, chemistry and technical product development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and product promotion.

We built our business on loyalty and trust. We fully understand the necessity for total confidentiality and guarantee the safeguarding of each customer's formulas and projects.

We do not compete with our client. That's our promise to you, an extra assurance that your secrets are safe with us.

ISO Certification
ASEAN Cosmetics Directives
BAI - Bureau of Animal Industry
UKAS - Quality Management
FDA Certification