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Contract Manufacturing
Our state of the art facilities. Complete full service contract manufacturing resources for hair care, skin care, hydro-alcoholic, foot and body care, OTC, household and institutional products and product samples.

Products range from:
Hair care, shampoos, gels, conditioners
Skin care, creams, lotions, masks, oils
Hydro-alcoholic, splashes, perfumes, hairsprays
OTC, SPF (tanning) claim sprays, gels, creams, lotions, hand sanitizers, as well as medical devices and more.

Manufacturing equipment capacity ranges from 85 gallons to 6,000 gallons. Manufacturing vessels are 316SS fully jacketed kettles with low-pressure steam for heating and 10C/50F chilled water for cooling. Vessels range from simple atmospheric tanks with propeller or sweep mixing capabilities to sophisticated full vacuum, 25psi, propeller, sweep and homomixing abilities. All manufacturing vessels have dedicated phase vessels. Portable phase vessels as well as a full compliment of auxiliary equipment (including Triblender, Versator, Inline homomixer, colloid mills, filters, etc.), that are constantly being upgraded, are available. All transfers are by sanitary diaphragm air pumps or electric variable speed P.D. pumps.