Baby Massage Oil
helps prevent unwanted wrinkles from forming, boosts the skins protective defenses, restores elasticity and moisture to mature skin and gives a youthful vitality.
Coconut Body Lotion
Extracts from organic coconut, cocoa, and vanilla provides smooth and gentle skin
Organic Citrus Liquid Soap
fresh as the smell of organic citrus oils
Baby Shampoo
gentle to the eyes as pure water
sunscreen sf 30+
Protect baby’s delicate skin with this gentle, water-resistant sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum sun protection. Formulated with SPF 30+, this lotion provides maximum protection for sensitive skin. 
diaper rash cream
A light, water-repelling cream to gently relieve baby of sore, dry, chapped skin that can occur with diaper use. This gentle formula helps to prevent this condition before it occurs. 
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